存储容器克莱顿NC 全球网赌十大网站 are the premier container retailer in the Raleigh Triangle area 和 beyond. 不管你是在维克森林大学, 克莱顿, 达勒姆, Morrisville, 顶点, Fuquay-Varina, 或Knightdale, 我们是最好的集装箱零售商, 房东, 和定制器. 这两种产品我们都有大量的库存 租赁购买 depending on your needs, we guarantee we have the perfect conex container for you to use!

一个真正的集装箱将由14号钢制成, which means you should be completely protected from both the elements 和 any ill-willed individuals who may want to get inside. One big thing to note right off the bat is you need to plan on having plenty of door room, shipping containers have large metal doors on the end that swing open 和 you need to ensure they’ll have room to do so. 否则,它们几乎可以放在任何地方. 门有行业标准的防风雨垫圈和可锁, 要想通过这个锁是非常困难的. 总之, our 存储容器 are the best option for temporary or long-term storage of any belongings, 齿轮, 材料, 不管你有什么! 你真的找不到比我们的集装箱更好的了.


We have a huge inventory of shipping containers that we can literally deliver right to you, 你想去哪里就去哪里! 我们有10英尺、20英尺和40英尺的集装箱可供选择. 你也可能听到它们被称为锥形容器, 存储容器, 还有货运集装箱等等. 许多集装箱被用于各种不同类型的建筑, whether it be as mobile offices for the bosses or to store the most expensive equipment 和 材料. Beyond that, they’re also great for using at home even if it’s just for storage 和 nothing more. 除了我们现有的所有不同尺寸的集装箱, we also have a wide variety of special containers that are better suited for certain jobs. 比如侧面开口的容器, 比普通容器高的高立方体容器, 甚至是顶部打开的容器! 我们有集装箱可以满足你的任何需求, 和 we also offer customization so we can add in the features 和 things you need most for you.



Our combination of customer service 和 the highest quality 和 range of containers in the area is unmatched elsewhere. 我们对待所有的客户就像他们是我们唯一的客户一样, it doesn’t matter if you buy our entire inventory or rent a 10-foot container for a month. If you have short-term needs for a storage container whether it be at home or on the job site, 给我们打电话! We offer month by month 租赁s if that just works out better for you than purchasing one! 我不知道哪个尺寸最适合你? 没有问题! 只要告诉我们你打算存什么和存多少, 我们应该能帮你找到最适合你的方法.


集装箱全球网赌十大网站 & 交付

存储容器全球网赌十大网站和自定义 我们不仅拥有该地区最优质的集装箱, 但我们也可以把它们送到您的工作现场或家门口,如果你这样选择. 我们很乐意去克莱顿把你的集装箱交给你, 很多公司都不能这么说! 即使你不从我们这里买集装箱, 我们可以把它运到任何你需要的地方,不会花太多钱. 需要一个以上的移动? 让我们知道. We have one of the largest inventories of steel 存储容器 in North Carolina 和 to us offering delivery even all the way out in 克莱顿 was the next logical step.

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We’re extremely proud of our ability to take your st和ard shipping container 和 turn it into something special. 全球网赌十大网站 & 全球网赌十大网站 specializes in the modification 和 customization of both new 和 used shipping containers. 如果您对您的容器有一个愿景,我们可以帮助您使它成为现实. 在过去的十年里,我们做到了 改装集装箱 进入家庭和移动办公室, 车库, 工作室, 的摊位上, 温室, 训练设施, 还有更多. Working closely with our individual customers to meet their needs on both small 和 large scale projects is one thing we do best. Our customization team can outfit any st和ard or customer-fabricated shipping containers with roll-up doors, 窗户, 油漆, 电气工程, 暖通空调, 绝缘, 还有更多. We oversee our projects from start to finish 和 we can meet all of your needs in house, 没有额外的成本和时间.


集装箱移动办公室 & 存储

当您需要现场即时进入地面办公室或安全的室内空间时, 我们的便携式办公室是完美的解决方案. Our office containers are made with durable high-quality 材料 that meet national 和 state building, 电气和机械代码,所以你可以毫无顾虑地使用它们! To better meet the needs of everyone, we offer our office containers for both rent 和 购买. 所以无论你是需要一个长期的解决方案还是只需要一个紧急办公室一周, 全球网赌十大网站 能满足你所有的需求吗. These offices can even be equipped with A/C 和/or heating units to keep you comfortable year round on the jobsite. Shipping container offices have a number of advantages over your run of the mill wooden trailer, a container is far stronger 和 safer in a construction environment plus it’s the peak of portability, 你可以在任何地方移动或使用它.